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Internationally Trained Medical Doctors in Canada............

 If an IMG is qualified, do we have the political will to act to get them into residency, now that 800 Saudi residents are going home on September 1,2018?


Why are you unable to work as a doctor in Canada? There is no money to pay you - it has nothing to do with your competence. IMDs have passed every exam required and still been denied a license to practice. Now we know why!

The Invisible International Medical Doctor in Ontario and Canada 

WARNING:  Only 6 percent can ever practice (July 16, 2015)

If you are a foreign doctor planning to immigrate to Ontario and Canada - know that it is over 94% (ninety-four percent) likely that you will NEVER EVER be able to practice medicine again.

Containment: The REAL Reason why QUALIFIED IMDs cannot get into practice - numbers are controlled by the powers that be. 

Even if you pass all the Canadian exams (Medical Council of Canada (MCCEE, MCCQE1 and 2), NAC OSCE, Ontario licensing exams CE1 and CE2, CEHPEA interviews, CaRMS applications etc.) - you will be obstructed and excluded at every turn. Only a lucky few will get in. It is very subjective and less than 5% get in. Over 1800 qualified doctors DO NOT get in every year.

Many of you will come with lots of money made from being well known doctors in your home country. You will probably be all right not working as a doctor here. You will pay atrocious amounts in Canadian tax (on income you made outside Canada!) and fly home off and on to work.

But if you come with little savings, and hope to work as a doctor, you will likely be a security guard, store worker, waiter, cleaner, taxi driver and the list goes on.  


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Now the truth is revealed! We have the numbers now.  The university program directors willingly train over 800 Saudi residents but claim they have no place for our own IMGs who have made Canada their home (August 2018). see CBC and London Free Press 

 SOLUTION: EMPLOY qualified IMDs to fill the residencies once the Saudi residents leave (Sept 2018) GLOBE AND MAIL


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House of Commons Committee on Health (and an initial response)

Summary of the Doctor Shortage Problem

1. There are over 1 million people who do not have family doctors

2. The wait times for most surgery and even for specialist consultation runs into many months. Patients often get far more sick during the wait, jeopardising their successful recovery.

 The Solution.

1. There are over 7500 internationally trained doctors who have immigrated to Canada. More than half (over 3500) have passed all the Canadian medical licensing exams. But they are not allowed to practice and help address the doctor shortage.

2. Many internationaly trained doctors (IMDs) have trained overseas and worked for years in their specialty or family practice. They have also passed Canadian exams. They are not give a chance to be assessed for full practice. Can we not use community preceptors as they do in other jurisdictions? Can these IMDs not be given transition licenses? Can the College of Physicians and Surgeons explain why they are not pursuing this option? 

3. Other IMDs need a residency training positions in Canada. Yet even though the universities claim there are nor residencies available, nearly 800 foreign doctors sponsored by their governments are taking up valuable residency positions. This is a waste of Canadian training resources. Can we not have a moratorium of foreign visa trainees?


Discrimination - Will the Ontario government take heed?

 "The onus is now on medical schools to change their ways. The schools must remember, or the government must remind them, that they are funded to work for the good of all Quebecers, and not just the medical elite. More than 2 million Quebecers are depending on progress in this."

Will the ONTARIO government take action in the public interest?

Foreign-trained doctors get a taste of justice


The Quebec Human Rights Commission has earned its pay with this week's report on why foreign-trained doctors find it so difficult to practise here, while over 2 million Quebecers lack access to a family doctor. The response from the province's medical schools on the other hand is cause for alarm -and firm action.


The commission undertook, on its own initiative, a three-year examination of the question. Quebec is short 1,100 family doctors, although hundreds of foreign doctors are here, unable to practise.

Before a foreign-trained doctor can apply for a residency in a Quebec hospital -the last step in the process of being licensed to practise here -he or she must pass an "equivalency exam" given by the Quebec College of Physicians. Only those who pass the exam are eligible to apply for residency. That's a sensible system. Quebecers do need protection from so-called doctors whose training elsewhere might be below Canadian standards.

But this vigilance alone can't explain why the province's four faculties of medicine left residency positions vacant rather than allocate them to foreign-trained doctors. In 2007, the year the commission examined, every single graduate from Quebec's medical school was offered a residency. But only a third of foreign-trained, QCP-certified doctors were accepted. So 85 residency positions were left empty while 174 foreign-trained, Quebeccertified doctors were left to wonder why they had bothered immigrating.

The commission found that medical faculties had used unverified criteria in making these decisions, and said prejudice and subjectivity could, and did, play a role.

Shamelessly, the medical schools resisted the findings this week, saying that even foreign-trained doctors who passed the QCP test are sometimes deemed unlikely to succeed, in part because they don't know the Quebec medical system. How's that for a Catch-22? And how's that for pre-judging: These foreigners aren't likely to succeed here because they're foreigners. There's an ugly name for that kind of thinking.

The commission has set out sensible remedies. It has ordered the Health Department to insist that medical faculties fill residency positions; that the college of physicians ensure the universities recognize foreign-trained doctors' degree equivalency; and that medical faculties set up objective ways of evaluating residency applications. We hope the ministry will cooperate vigorously.

Bias can be difficult to detect and eradicate. And in some high-profile cases, human rights commissions across Canada have detected bias where almost nobody else could see any, which has brought the whole role of such commissions into some disrepute.

But this case is not one of those. To the Quebec Commission's credit it set out in a methodical way to identify unreasonable barriers, and is now trying to dismantle them.

The onus is now on medical schools to change their ways. The schools must remember, or the government must remind them, that they are funded to work for the good of all Quebecers, and not just the medical elite. More than 2 million Quebecers are depending on progress in this.

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