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Re: Special medical licences urged, Sept. 14


There are thousands of people in Ontario on waiting lists for a family doctor. Is there any reason why the residency requirements for foreign-trained physicians could not be complied with while working under a general practice physician? The two doctors in your article indicated that they would be willing to work for free.


This would be the medical equivalent of the requirement for law and accounting students who must article. I understand that it would require a change in the regulations, however, they are qualified in their own country and they would not be a drain on the public purse.


My husband and I moved to Peterborough three years ago and, for two years, were forced to drive to Toronto for regular doctor visits. He was 79 and terminally ill and I was 71. We only obtained the services of a family physician due to the intervention of a specialist who was treating my husband. We would have been delighted to have been under the care of Dr. Ghoshal or Dr. Arjang.


The time is long past for the College of Physicians to amend their requirements and permit these qualified physicians to practice and thus ease the burden on the citizens who are desperately searching for a family doctor in their area.

Barbara Morgan, Peterborough

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