Association of International Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Who we are

 The Association of International Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (AIPSO) is a non-profit, independent professional association which represents physicians and surgeons trained and licensed in jurisdictions outside Canada. AIPSO's mission is to ensure that internationally-trained physicians are integrated effectively and equitably into the Canadian health care system.

Founded in 1998 with 70 members, AIPSO and its local affiliates have more than 2000 registered physicians from 105 countries. AIPSO's members are at various stages of the licensing process in Ontario. Most are not yet licensed to practice medicine in Ontario. 

- To facilitate access to the licensing process for internationally trained physicians

- To work collaboratively with other stakeholders to identify and develop appropriate assessment, orientation, upgrading and integration programs for internationally trained physicians. 


Legal Advisor:   Mr David Baker                    (contact Zahra Binbrek  

                                                          Tel: 4165330040 ext 225)


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